Root Canal Surgery in Turlock, CA

Root Canal Surgical Procedure

Root canal surgery, also known as an Apicoectomy, is a specialized endodontic procedure offered at Turlock Endodontics to save a tooth when traditional root canal treatment is not sufficient. This surgery becomes necessary when inflammation persists in the bone around the tooth's apex, known as an abscess, following a root canal procedure.

Apicoectomy Surgical Procedure

During the surgery, our experienced endodontist performs a microsurgical procedure under a microscope to access the affected area. Any infected or inflamed tissue and underlying bone are carefully removed to promote healing and prevent further infection.

One of the key advantages of root canal surgery is its minimally invasive nature. Unlike conventional methods, where a hole may be drilled through the tooth's crown, an Apicoectomy preserves the integrity of the crown. Instead, a small filling is placed to seal the root's end, and sutures are used to facilitate gum tissue healing.

Over time, the bone naturally regenerates, filling in the void created during surgery and restoring stability to the tooth. Post-surgery, we schedule follow-up appointments to monitor bone regeneration progress and ensure the success of the procedure.

At Turlock Endodontics, we are committed to providing advanced endodontic care tailored to your individual needs, ensuring the preservation of your natural teeth and the restoration of your oral health and well-being. Trust us to deliver exceptional results and compassionate care throughout your root canal surgery journey.

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